Account Verification

Here’s how the process works with New User Approve:
1.A user registers on the site, and their ID is created.
2.An email is sent to the administrators of the site.
3.An administrator is then given a choice to either approve or deny the registration request.
4.An email is then sent to the user indicating whether they were approved or denied.
5.If the user is approved, an email will be sent to them.
6.Until the user is approved, they will not be able to login to the site.

Only approved users will be allowed to log in to the site. Thus, users waiting for approval or the ones rejected will not be able to login to the site – Simple, straightforward, and effective.
The user’s status can be updated even after the initial approval/denial request.
Also, users that have been created before the activation of New User Approve will be treated as approved users.

Please use a valid phone number. Phone number validation is the process of checking if a phone number is accurate. It lets you find out if the phone number you have for a business contact or customer is active and able to receive calls.