RIB T2 CRX AC07085

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RIB T2 CRX AC07085RIB T2 CRX AC07085
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RIB T2 CRX AC07085 Manual
RIB T2 CRX AC07085 - Control Board

  • Temperature Range -10C +55C
  • Power Supply Voltage 230V
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz
  • Max Absorption 36mA
  • Interruptions in electricity supply 100ms
  • Maximum power of gate open indicator 24Vdc 3W
  • Maximum load of blinker output 40W
  • Current for accessories 500mA 24Vdc
  • Current for radio connector 200mA 24Vdc
  • Voltage Output Motors 220V
  • Power Max Motor 1Hp

  • CRX Model
  • Reception frequency 433,92MHz
  • Impedance 52 ohm
  • sensitivity >2,24 Microvolt
  • Excitation time 300ms
  • De-excitation time 300ms
  • Codes in store N.62 Total
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