Optea WSA Box

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Optea WSA BoxOptea WSA Box
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OPTEA WSA Box control .
  • Box manage 4 infra-red beams, 4 transmitters and 4 receivers. Beam are multiplexed and sincronized, to avoid interferences between them.
  • The intervent time it is adjustable by a trimmer and the turn-on time it is fixed at o.5 second.
  • The output contact can be normally closed or opened and the tamper contact is normally closed.
  • Every beam can be adjiusted along the height of the bar and fixed by a little screw.
  • Technical Specifications:
  • Power supply 12 volt 100 mA
  • Output contacts load 24 Vcc 0.5A
  • Optical range 5 mt.
  • Selectable beam 1-4