Paradox HD88

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Video Intrusion Detectors - Paradox HD88
Paradox HD88Paradox HD88
Paradox HD88 Technical Specifications
Paradox HD88
  • Outdoor 720p HD Camera
  • Outdoor weather IP65 operation
  • Built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi, can be configured as redundant to Ethernet or Wi-Fi only
  • Local Video stream at 720p H.264, HD audio, up to 16 cameras
  • Up to 30 minutes of internal memory space Recording, or 16 GB to 256 GB SD card that can be added for additional recording space
  • Free Google Drive set for media storage
  • Dual PIR Pet Immune Security Grade detector
  • VOD, ROT and 3 seconds pre-recording
  • Up to 16 cameras per site with SWAN connection to ensure 24-7 connectivity
  • Day-Night switching with IR night illumination up to 10m (33 ft)
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