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Paradox NVR780Paradox NVR780
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Paradox NVR780 Side
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Paradox NVR780
Advanced Digital Technology:
  • Two double passive infrared motion detector with eight narrow detection beams, managed by Full Authority Digital Electronics Control (FADEC)
  • High-resolution and full dynamic range digital signal conversion
  • High-speed, advanced algorithm digital signal processing
  • Digital EMI / RFI interference rejection
  • True Pet Immunity, up to 40kg (90lb)

Advanced Optical Technology:
  • 4x dual element sensors arrangement
  • High efficiency long focal point (1.77") lens, providing long-range narrow beams
  • 2 pairs of narrow beams per side provide 2x signals per protected area crossing for increased "catch" and false alarm rejection
  • Combination optics of mirror reflector and 2nd generation Fresnel "LoDiff" Lens
  • Increased white light rejection

Advanced Wireless Operation:
  • Ultra low power management operation with Paradox Effi+ circuit
  • Dual tamper detection (removal of cover or unit)

Easy Installation and Setup:
  • Single or Dual Zone operation modes: two sides can report to a single zone or to two separate zones
  • Optical and digital range adjustments
  • Bright LED and buzzer indicator for clear adjustment feedback
  • No need for PCB removal
  • Wall mount, with built-in level tool
  • In-field firmware upgradable via serial port