Paradox DIM4D

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Home Automation Controller - Paradox DIM4D
Paradox DIM4D
  • Four high-voltage channels for phase control dimming
  • Output rating: 1000W@230V / 520W@120V
  • Maximum load: 4.4A per channel (15 total)
  • Connects to Multibus: 4-wire encrypted 13.8Vdc communication bus at 500bps
  • Firmware upgradeable via Multibus using RS-485 at 57.6Kbps
  • All programming is done using BabyWare PC Software
  • DIN rail enclosure with removable terminals for fast, secure, orderly and economic installations
  • Supports 35mm DIN Rail mounting
  • On-board buttons to manually control dim level (per channel)
  • Dim intensity LED display (per channel)
  • 3-LED module status display
  • Includes labels to identify outputs