FAAC 400 SB 230V (MPN 104206)

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FAAC 400 SB 230V (MPN 104206) swing gate operator

  • The 400 is a hyraulic operator for large residential and industrial swing-leaf gates - up to 7 metres per leaf.
  • A range of 8 different operators - with or without hydraulic locking.
  • The hydraulic locking system will hold the gates open and closed at the end of the operating cycle.
  • The exclusive hydraulic device ensures maximum anti-crushing protection.
  • The motor unit is contained in compact hydraulic en bloc housing.
  • All components are oil-bath lubricated and continuously cooled - requiring very little maintenance - and are low on power consumption.
  • Precision mechanics and the use of hydraulic oil as motor fluid are the secrets behind the extremely quiet movement.
  • Reliability is assured under any atmospheric condition and at extreme temperatures in the range of -40oC to +55oC.