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FAAC 950 BM - BSM (superseded by 950N) Swing door operator

  • This product has been superseded by the 950N - spare parts available
  • Low Voltage electro-mechanical operator for swing doors
  • 950 BM - with spring system
  • 950 BSM -with spring-less motorised system
  • The 950 BM and 950 BSM can be installed either on the door lintel or on the door itself
  • The housings innovative shape and anodised metal type surface finish give it considerable visual impact
  • Due to the shape of the housing a detection sensor (radar or passive infra-red) can be installed inside
  • The operator works in harmony with its transmission arm providing near silent operation
  • Intelligent control assured by the 950 MPS and 950 I/O (input/output board)
  • Operation logic can be selected with a built in selector (automatic - manual - night - open)
  • The product is sturdy - reliable and above all safe
  • In compliance with current safety regulations - speed and force are programmed according to the door’s dimensions
    If the door meets an obstacle - it re-opens immediately and verifies clearance of the obstacle at slow speed on closing
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