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FAAC Cobra 5000 - 1500 Power Module
FAAC cobra 1500 5000 Manual

FAAC Cobra 5000 (MPN 790877) - 5000 Plus (MPN 316030)

Cobra 5000 For pedestrian and vehicle access control - Allows set up of access control systems of any type and size - Can handle over 500 readers with WIN-NET network connection - Memory capacity for up to 65,000 users Management of 999 permitted time bands on a weekly basis - Management of annual calendar with holidays using an online connection with WINCONTROL software.

  • Features
  • Local memory for card archive, time-bands, holidays.
  • Archives sent from PC.
  • Lithium battery for maintaining data memory and clock/dater even in the event of a power cut.
  • Functional settings stored on a non-volatile memory (EEPROM).
  • Programming by PC of functional settings.
  • Local buffer memory for storing user codes and transactions: the partition (i.e. the space available for the user codes and transactions) is dynamic, that is, user-settable.
  • This means that the value of the maximum number of storable cards can be modified and, according to this, the Control unit calculates how much space remains for storing the events (Valid cards, alarms, etc) in Stand-alone mode.
  • There are two type of board according to the installed components:
  • 1. COBRA1500 (CPU with 2 serial ports; 128 KByte RAM)
  • 2. COBRA5000 (CPU with 3 serial ports; 512 KByte RAM)
  • A lithium battery is supplied to prevent loss of data in case of a power cut.
  • Facility for activating a reading halt if the transits memory is full.
  • RAM used partly for the transactions buffer and the remainder for archives (cards, time-bands, holidays).
  • Complete management of 1 or 2 separate gateways (reader A on one door and reader B on the other).
  • Maximum distance between a Control unit and a reader without keyboard / display: 100 mt.
  • Maximum distance between a Control unit and a reader with keyboard / display: 40 mt.
  • Power supply voltage: 12Vcc (-1V + 2V)
  • Maximum absorption: 900mA (varies according to number of connected readers).
  • Dimensions: 300x260x100mm if the metal enclosure is used.
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