Paradox ACM24D

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Access Control Modules - Paradox ACM24D
Paradox ACM24D
  • Stand-alone operation via V32’s independent 4-wire RS485 Access port (1000m/3000ft); all data is transferred to the ACM24D to ensure it continues to operate normally even if communication with the control panel is lost
  • Module Processes data locally, which provides ultra fast response time
  • Connections for 2 doors (2 or 4 card readers, 2 REX devices, 2 door contacts and 2 lock outputs)
  • SAS mode (one man trap, two-door access)
  • One reader port supports up to four R910 and/or R915 4-wire card readers (up to 500mA)
  • 4 inputs for 2 REX devices and 2 door contacts
  • 2 lock outputs (6-12Vdc at 1A each)
  • Lock output power jumper (select internal or external power supply)
  • 2 external negative triggers: connect a PGM or push-button to unlock the door
  • 2.85A switching power supply
  • Transformer sharing: modules can share a central AC supply (16 to 24Vac) throughout the system
  • In-field firmware upgradeable
  • Simple 4-wire connections between readers, module and panel
  • DIN rail enclosure with removable terminals
  • Supports standard 35mm DIN Rail mounting
  • 2 on-board buttons to manually lock or unlock the doors (button illuminates to indicate status)
  • 5-LED module status display
  • 4-LED reader status display
  • Fully supervised (AC, battery, low battery and overload)
  • Selectable battery charge current (300mA/500mA)
  • Includes labels to identify each door
  • Replace an ACM24D and upload a backup of all its cards and events in under 20 minutes.