Paradox V32

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Control panels - Paradox V32
  • Paradox V32 Multibus
  • 4-wire encrypted 13.8Vdc communication bus at 500bps.
  • Multibus automatically switches to RS-485 at 57.6Kbps for bus module firmware upgrade.
  • In-field firmware upgrade for panel and multiple bus modules through the Multibus via local PC or remote IP/GPRS connection.
  • Support for up to 511 bus modules.
  • Home Automation
  • Imperial home automation is managed by the MAMA engine using MAMA output modules that control all high or low voltage outputs and MAMA wall switches.
  • Together these modules offer full control of lights (toggle or dimming of incandescent and fluorescent lights), motors, shutters (multiple positions, not just fully open or fully closed), sprinklers (any number of valves activate in sequence or in parallel), air conditioning, heating, and more.
  • Basic system capacity controls 8 MAMA outputs, purchase a license to increase to 32, 64, 128, 192, 256, 384, or 512 MAMA outputs 16 macros per MAMA output module.
  • Each output in the system can be controlled by a macro, which can be a system event, timing, sunset/sunrise, sensor input, or energy management feature.
  • Access Control
  • Stand-alone operation with independent RS-485 output port.
  • 64 doors (basic system capacity supports 4 doors, purchase a license to increase to 16, 32, 48 or 64 doors).
  • 4,000 access cards.
  • Ultra-fast response time.
  • 256 access levels.
  • 256 schedules.
  • 32,000 access control events buffered.
  • Simple 4-wire connections between module, controller and readers.
  • Anti-passback.
  • Door trap (man trap) applications.
  • Security
  • 32 partitions.
  • 384 zones (8 on-board zones inputs).
  • 999 user codes.
  • 2,000 security events buffered.
  • Land line dialer output.
  • Communication
  • Built-in TCP/IP communication port (10/100Mbps) for upload/download via IP, event reporting to a Paradox IP Monitoring Receiver (IPR512), or firmware upgrades.
  • Supports PCS200 GPRS/GSM Communicator Module. Can be used in conjunction with VDMP3 Voice Module
  • Patented 2 optocoupler dialer circuit - the most reliable dialer in the industry (US Patents 5751803, RE39406).
  • 32 simultaneous local/remote BabyWare PC connections.
  • Hardware
  • DIN rail enclosure with removable terminals for fast, secure, orderly and cost-efficient installations.
  • 1.7A built-in switching power supply.
  • Transformer sharing enables modules to share central AC supply (16 to 24Vac) or DC supply (18 to 30Vdc) throughout the system.
  • 1 supervised auxiliary output with local control.
  • 4 on-board solid-state 100mA PGM outputs (+/- triggering) and 1 NC/NO 5A relay with local control.
  • 1 supervised bell/siren output.
  • 66MHz, 32-bit processor and 66MHz SDRAM clock.
  • 32MB memory on board for ultra fast communication with Imperial PC software, web page and event storage.
  • Super Capacitor (no battery) for real-time clock backup for up to 10 days (IP auto-clock adjust when available).
  • Replace a V32 and download a backup from BabyWare in approximately 15 minutes.
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