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BFT Ecosol Control BoardBFT Ecosol Control Board
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BFT Ecosol Control Board

The range of ECOSOL products can be used to produce a solar energy power system for low-voltage (LV) automated devices.
The system is particularly suita-ble for powering gates that are some distance from the mains power supply.

  • Technical Specification
  • Rated voltage 24 V
  • Maximum current 10 A
  • Rated battery capacity 7,2 Ah
  • Protection rating IP55
  • Environmental conditions -20°C + 50°C (battery recharge 0° +40°)
  • Maximum Panel power 35 Wp (Watt-peak)
  • Built-in Rolling-Code radio-receiver frequency 433.92MHz
  • Standby power demand 0,15 W
  • N° of combinations 4 billion
  • Max. n° of transmitters that can be memorized 63