Paradox PCS300

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Communication modules - Paradox PCS300
Paradox PCS 300
Paradox PCS 300
Paradox PCS300
  • Report events via IP or GPRS (requires GPRS12 Module)
  • Report in conjunction with landline or as a backup
  • Supports two IPR512 GPRS/IP Monitoring Receivers; each with separate, unique reporting sequences
  • Module configuration and status via the PCS300 Web Interface
  • Support for two inputs with report activation capability including SMS notification
  • Firmware upgrades via IP or GPRS
  • Supports standard GSM provider SIM cards
  • Report via SMS (up to 8 cell phone numbers)
  • Supports multiple languages for both the Web Interface and SMS
  • 256-bit (AES) encryption for GPRS/IP reporting and Web Interface