FAAC 560 (MPN 104561)

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FAAC 560FAAC 560
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FAAC 560 (MPN 104561) bi-folding door operator

  • The 560 is ideal for automatic bi-folding doors with intensive use.
  • Fixed on one leaf only and opens and closes by means of a telescopic arm
  • The hydraulic system and guide with a telescopic arm ensure even - perfectly linear movement
  • The electric motor - hydraulic pump and internal rack-and-pinion transmission system are compactly housed in a single block in
  • anodised aluminium
  • Thanks to the built-in adjustable hydraulic by-pass valves the most suitable anti-crushing protection can be set for environment
  • The manual release enables you to open or close the door in the event of a power-cut or an emergency
  • The control board can add more safety depending on your requirements