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FAAC 620 Rectangular Standard Automatic barrier

  • The 620 barrier is suitable for beams up to 5m and is available in standard - rapid and super rapid versions.
  • For heavy traffic applications
    Model 620 is available in standard - rapid and super rapid versions. The standard will take 5m beams and opens in 4.5 seconds with a 70% duty cycle. The rapid will open in as little as 2 seconds for 3m beams or 3 seconds for 4m beams and is for continuous use. The super rapid can open in 0.8-2.2 seconds and takes beams up to 3m with continuous duty.

  • Flexibility
    The 620 range is equipped with electronic deceleration on opening and closing. Skirt kits are available for higher security and beams may be articulated for use inside car parks. A hinged system is also available for round breakaway beams.

  • Leading-edge technology
    The 624 BLD control board has surface mount technology with a 2 digit display and 3 programming buttons. This allows simple setting of the operational parameters and enables the selection of a wide range of logic functions including customised logic. A standard setting is present for operating a pair of barriers working simultaneously.

  • New style round beam
    We now offer a new style of round beam to fit the 620 barrier. The new style of beam is available in 2 - 3 - 4 and 5m lengths. The beam can be fitted with LED strip lighting as an alternative to the beam lights and skirt kits are available to suit the new beam style.


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