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FAAC XPB34 - XPB90 Datasheet

FAAC XPB34 & XPB90 Door Safety Sensors

  • This safety sensor for swinging and revolving doors is a failsafe active infrared sensor which functions by distance measuring.
  • It brings safety to the users by avoiding contact with the doors in motion.

  • Features
  • Detection area of 40cm in front of leaf at 2m high
  • Easy mounting and wiring for up to 6 modules
  • Adapts to all floor types - even the most contrasted ones
  • Available:
  • 340mm with one module (XPB34-1 mpn 785019)
  • 900mm with one module (XPB90-1 mpn 785032)
  • 900mm with two modules (XPB90-2 mpn 785021)


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