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You might consider purchasing a security system with lasers incorporated for any of the following reasons:

You are protecting a particularly important or valuable item that is on display. In this case, lasers are simple and effective, as long as they are paired with the rest of a security system. Motion sensors can tell you that someone is in the building. Lasers can tell you what they are after. For this reason, many museums incorporate laser systems into their security.

You want an invisible perimeter. If you are hoping to protect your home, honestly, a fence or big wall can be a great deterrent to burglars. But if you do not want a large fence, a laser system can serve you well. It can’t physically prevent someone from crossing your perimeter, but it will notify you if someone does.

You are protecting your area. Simple laser pointer security systems are used by many people in apartments and offices. A laser alarm is a great way to alert yourself when your boss is approaching your office. A homemade laser system is also a great way to keep your roommates out of your food, or at least catch them in the act of taking it.

As we’ve already mentioned, an infrared motion detector can be just as helpful as a laser system, it just depends on what you are going for. Both options are relatively cheap and easy to set up, although more security systems sell motion detection technology than laser technology.