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REDSCAN is an award-winning laser detector that identifies the size, speed and distance of a moving object and can function in effect like an invisible wall or plane. Using LiDAR technology, the sensors are unaffected by light or heat sources making it a very reliable detection system. With the ability to be mounted either vertically or horizontally and to be used indoor or outdoor, the REDSCAN can be used for a wide range of security and safety applications. It can be deployed to protect perimeters, buildings, skylights, pieces of art or valuable assets as well as to increase safety in public transport by detecting people on railway tracks or crossings.


What is a Laser?
The word "laser" is actually an acronym for "Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation". Essentially, a laser concentrates light to create a straight, ultra-bright beam. Lasers have multiple uses, including hair removal, eye repair, and material cutting. Nowadays, some dentists even use lasers instead of drills when filling small cavities. And, as we are discussing in this post, they can also be a fun addition to a home security system.

Lasers are made up of three main components:

A pump, or pump source, which provides energy to the laser system. This can also be referred to as a power supply. This can be anything from a lamp to a chemical reaction. Without an energy source, the laser would not have anything to amplify.

The laser medium is the medium through which the energy is filtered, and determines the wavelength of light that the laser will emit. This is also referred to as the gain medium. The gain medium can be solid, liquid, or gas, depending on the type of laser.

The optical resonator (or the optical cavity) consists of mirrors that concentrate the light or energy by reflecting it back into the gain medium, which then amplifies the total light emitted by the laser.

Some lasers use multiple small mirrors in order to reach the amount of concentration necessary for their use. For a security system, lasers don’t need to be particularly strong, they just need to create a beam that will be broken when someone tries to cross it. By contrast, in the field of medicine, more concentrated levels are needed to perform eye surgery or dental surgery.