BFT Automation and Control
Italy Manufacturer Gate Automation - BFT Discover all the solutions for sliding gates. The entire range of motors and kits for the automation of sliding gates.Today Bft operates all over the world, with 20 branches and over 530 distributors in more than 120 countries.


BFT We were founded in 1981 in Thiene, with the vocation: being available to our customers at all times, oriented towards those who work with our products. A spirit that immediately allowed us to win the loyalty of those working in the installation and automation world. The natural evolution was the acquisition of our strongest customers, and the opening of the first branch in Germany in 2002, which for us was the first step towards penetrating the local market and understanding the many facets of every country.

From that moment on, always focusing on full customer satisfaction, we began to diversify our services to suit every different culture. Since 2004 we have been part of the Somfy group: this has given us the boost necessary to gain significant market shares and create a structured distribution network. A radical change that has determined the transition from passage from family-run business to small multinational.

Today the management of our international distribution network is divided up between the branches and the direct distributors. In 2004 there were only three foreign companies, a number that was to increase tenfold in less than a decade. For us, the passing of the 100 million turnover mark in 2012-2013 is just a step along the way.


BFT Product Categories: Automation Accessories - Barriers - Bollards - Car Parking Systems - Door Operators - On Gate Swing Automation - Slide Gates - Underground Operators.