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Comparison of popular protocols
Protocol Power Line Radio - Frequency Data Rate Available Api? Open Source Commercially Available. HA gear needs Neutral Wire?
C-Bus no yes 3500 bit/s yes no n/a (uses category-5 UTP)
EnOcean no 902 MHz (North America) 9600 bit/s yes no  ?
Insteon yes yes 13,165 bit/s yes no Usually
KNX yes yes 9600 bit/s yes no no
UPB yes no 480 bit/s no no no
X10 yes
  • 310 MHz (North America)
  • 433 MHz (Europe)
20 bit/s yes no Sometimes
Zigbee no
  • 2.4 GHz (worldwide)
  • 915 MHz (Americas and Australia)
  • 868 MHz (Europe)
20-250k bps yes no  ?
Z-Wave no yes 250k bps yes no Usually