Paradox MCB1H/V

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Security Systems Accessories
Paradox MCB1H-V
Combines 4 buttons and 1 rotary dial to control/dim any output (lights, sprinklers, etc.) or macro (group of outputs)
Set buttons in Toggle Mode (1 button on/off) or Switch Mode (1 button on / 1 button off)
Rotary dial features push button on/off control
Activation status LED per button with backlit button identification
8-LED display for dial’s light intensity or shutter position
Global button to control an alternate device or macro with rotary dial
Backlight button to adjust LED light intensity
Connects to Multibus: 4-wire encrypted 13.8Vdc communication bus at 500bps
Firmware upgradeable via Multibus using RS-485 at 57.6Kbps
All programming is done using BabyWare PC Software
3-LED module status display
Includes labels to identify each button
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