Paradox PS27D

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Power Supply and Hubs
Paradox PS27D
2.85A switching power supply
Transformer sharing: modules can share a central AC supply (16 to 24Vac) throughout the system
4 auxiliary outputs providing at up to 500mA each
Auxiliary outputs can be used in parallel to increase output current
LCD to display 3-digit voltage and 3-digit amperage of each output, sum of paralleled outputs or sum of all outputs
Auxiliary outputs can be used as PGMs (EVO only)
In-field firmware upgradeable
DIN rail enclosure with removable terminals
4 on-board buttons to manually activate or deactivate each auxiliary output (button illuminates to indicate status)
5-LED module status display
Fully supervised (AC, battery, low battery and auxiliary limit)
Selectable battery charge current (350mA/850mA)
Includes labels to identify each output


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