TMC S Max plus

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Access Control Modules
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SuperMAX+ is a configurable and programmable controller which can directly interface two card-readers of a vast variety of ID technologies and manages gates by means of 2 relays and 4 inputs for on-off sensors.
Further more it supports up to two fingerprint readers connected to its RS485 port. Alternatively, the SuperMAX+ can be used to master up to 31 slave 914-MAX door openers, each one with its own reader and relay.

SuperMAX+ can work in online mode with a host computer connected on an Ethernet-TCP/IP network. Receiving and validating, in real-time, each access request, and operating relays and checking inputs status to properly manage gates. In addition, SuperMAX+ can work in offline mode, validating and managing the access rights according to data tables in local files which organize users by groups, and assign a number of time zones when access can be granted.

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