FAAC 413

Automation and Control - On Gate Swing Automation - FAAC 413
FAAC 413 24V manual
FAAC 413 24 data sheet

FAAC 413 swing gate operator
The 413 is ideal for swing gates with single leaf length of up to 1.8m (2.5m with electric lock).
A highly adjustable - energy efficient motor allowing maximum flexibility in installation dimensions.
Available with limit switches and without - allowing you to choose the most suitable for your requirements.
The LS version is equipped with open and closed limit switches to manage slowdown and stopping points.
Both versions have built in opening and closing mechanical stops.
The non reversing system ensures the gate is mechanically locked when the motor is not running.
A convenient and secure release system makes it possible to manually move the gate in the event of power failure.
The aluminium body is completely double coated - guaranteeing high resistance to atmospheric agents.

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