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FAAC D1000 garage door operator.
The D1000 is for spring - counterbalanced - up-and-over doors and sectional doors for residential and light commercial use.
Electromechanical device with a 24 Vdc motor that can be used in sectional - spring balanced and - with the correct adaptor - counter-weighted garage doors
The nylon base makes the operator lighter and with better handling when compared to metal
FAAC has developed a patented head-rail connection - the operator can be mounted on the rail support without installation tools - with a simple rotation to engage 4 supports of the plate and a pin to prevent unfastening
Installation time has been reduced by 40% on previous models
The electronic anti-crushing device adjusts itself automatically at set up
The operator keeps the tripping threshold constantly at minimum level - and adapts at all times to the differences in force required to move the door
The device stops the door movement as it opens and reverses it at closing
To protect the door against mechanical stress as the movement begins - an electronic control gradually increases the speed of the operator (soft start)
Deceleration - both at opening and closing cycle of the door (soft stop)

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