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950 (superseded by 950N) swing door operator

This product has been superseded by the 950N - spare parts available

Low Voltage electro-mechanical operator for swing doors
950 BM - with spring system
950 BSM -with spring-less motorised system
The 950 BM and 950 BSM can be installed either on the door lintel or on the door itself
The housings innovative shape and anodised metal type surface finish give it considerable visual impact
Due to the shape of the housing a detection sensor (radar or passive infra-red) can be installed inside
The operator works in harmony with its transmission arm providing near silent operation
Intelligent control assured by the 950 MPS and 950 I/O (input/output board)
Operation logic can be selected with a built in selector (automatic - manual - night - open)
The product is sturdy - reliable and above all safe
In compliance with current safety regulations - speed and force are programmed according to the door’s dimensions
If the door meets an obstacle - it re-opens immediately and verifies clearance of the obstacle at slow speed on closing


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