Automation and Control - Door Operators - FAAC TK50
FAAC tk50FAAC tk50
FAAC tk50

FAAC TK50 door profile.
TK50 for automatic entrances with increased section profile of 50 mm.
The sturdiness of these profiles and their innovative design make these ideal for automatic entrances for installation in areas of high volume traffic where trolleys or suitcases may be present.
The TK50 profiles are designed to be perfectly integrated with a break-out anti-panic system for applications requiring an emergency exit.
Thermal insulating and burglar-resistant labyrinth profiles.
Accident-prevention rounded profiles with heat-resistant central striker seals and heat-resistance brush between leaf and floor.
Striker seal designed to facilitate the break-out ability of the sliding leaf.
Complete with glass-retaining profiles and gaskets to house glass panels up to a max thickness of 32 mm.
The base is 141 mm high and an internal seat houses the brushes for the thermal insulation and the sliding rails of the floor sliding block.

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