Lab Equipment and Measuring Instruments - Testers - Alnor AXD-55
Alnor AXD55
Micromanometers are rugged, compact, easy-to-use instruments for measuring differential and static air pressure, velocity, and volume. Test and balance professionals, mechanical contractors, and plant engineers choose Alnor micromanometers for verifying pressure gauges, doing velocity traverses in ducts, checking filter performance, and other industrial applications. The AXD micromanometers have excellent resolution, fast response time, and are easily zeroed to ensure accurate readings every time. The AXD 55 measures pressure, calculates velocity when used with a pitot probe, and calculates averages of pressure or velocity readings. It has an adjustable time constant to make fluctuating measurements easier to read on the display. A printout of your readings is available when using the optional MicroPrinter Portable Printer with the AXD.
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