Paradox PX8

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Expansion Modules
Paradox PX8
Connected to the RTX3 in stand-alone mode, the PX8 communicates the status of up to 8 wireless events, such as zones opening or closing, through its 8 hardwired outputs
You can also set an output to signal a zone tamper, supervision loss or low battery
You can also set an output to activate upon pressing specific buttons on an REM1 or RAC1 remote control
Connect up to four PX8 on a single RTX3
Outputs can follow events or have a delay of 1 to 999 seconds or minutes
Use an RTX3 on-board PGM to supervise the PX8
In-field firmware upgradeable via a 307USB and WinLoad
Program with an Esprit 636 or 646 keypad


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