Paradox LSN4

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Listen In Modules
Paradox LSN4
Two-way voice communication with monitoring station
Continuous Recording feature: Record up to a total of 120 seconds before and after an alarm event has occurred. This recording can then be played back later by the monitoring station or user
Connect up to four primary SUB1 substations per Listen-In module
Page and/or communicate with other substations
Arm, disarm or listen to the system status or to what is happening in protected areas all via telephone
Record and enable personalized audio labels for up to 8 partitions and 8 users
Can be connected to a music source such as a stereo to have background music play through the substations
Voice announcement of system status during an alarm
Compatible with EVO control panels
Available in English, French, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Swedish, Polish


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