Paradox HD88

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Video Intrusion Detectors
Paradox HD88Paradox HD88
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Paradox HD88
Outdoor 720p HD Camera
Outdoor weather IP65 operation
Built-in Ethernet and Wi-Fi, can be configured as redundant to Ethernet or Wi-Fi only
Local Video stream at 720p H.264, HD audio, up to 16 cameras
Up to 30 minutes of internal memory space Recording, or 16 GB to 256 GB SD card that can be added for additional recording space
Free Google Drive set for media storage
Dual PIR Pet Immune Security Grade detector
VOD, ROT and 3 seconds pre-recording
Up to 16 cameras per site with SWAN connection to ensure 24-7 connectivity
Day-Night switching with IR night illumination up to 10m (33 ft)


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