Paradox PS45

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Power Supply and Hubs - Paradox PS45
Paradox PS45Paradox PS45
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Paradox PS45 Technical Specifications
Paradox PS45
  • 75W 100-240 Vac or 13.8 Vdc Battery to 15 Vdc Standalone or Supervised Backup Power Supply
  • AC input: 110 Vac to 240 Vac
  • 75W total power
  • 15 Vdc 4.0A continuous auxiliary output
  • Standalone operation or Bus supervised with Paradox Security Systems
  • On-board anti-tamper switch
  • Application monitored notifications (when connected to Bus)
  • Compatible with EVO Series (all versions)- SP5500- SP6000- SP7000 V6.90 and higher- MG5000 and MG5050
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