Paradox ZX32D

Security Alarms and Fire Systems - Expansion Modules
Paradox ZX32D-
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ZX32D Features

32 zones or inputs

Diagnostic Mode: Zone LEDs turn on/off to identify assigned zone inputs, verify correct wiring (no EOL, EOL without tamper, EOL with tamper) and perform a walk test

Built-in 1.85A switching power supply

Transformer sharing: modules can share a central AC supply (16 to 24Vac)

Auxiliary outputs providing up to 1A

Connects to Multibus: 4-wire encrypted 13.8Vdc communication bus at 500bps

Firmware upgradeable via Multibus using RS-485 at 57.6Kbps

All programming is done using BabyWare PC Software

DIN rail enclosure with removable terminals for fast, secure, orderly and economic installations

Supports 35mm DIN Rail mounting

Button to manually activate/deactivate auxiliary output (illuminates to show status)

32-LED zone status display

6-LED module status display

Fully supervised (AC, battery, low battery and auxiliary limit)

Selectable battery charge current (350mA/850mA)

Includes labels to identify each zone/input

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