Paradox PCS 265LTE

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Paradox PCS265LTEParadox PCS265LTE
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Paradox PCS265LTE Technical Spec
Paradox PCS265LTE
LTE - 4G - 3G - 2G - GSM Communicator Module
The PCS265LTE delivers LTE - 4G - 3G - 2G communication or GSM reporting data exchange solutions for Paradox systems. It provides reliable reporting and two-way communication between Paradox control panels and their respective monitoring stations- as well as personal messaging. It is also compatible with the Insite GOLD app.
LTE - 4G (3.75G) - 3G - 2G reporting speed of system data to IPR512 Monitoring Receiver or IPRS-7 IP - GPRS
3G - 2G auto connect if 4G not available
Two SIM cards support for provider redundancy
Control panel communication supervision
PMH auto connection for Insite GOLD mobile application use
Arm or disarm the system via text message (SMS) to the PCS265LTE
4-wire installation
Push notification to Insite GOLD app
Li-ion battery (optional) allows operation when panel power is lost for backup reporting
RS-485 connection to panel- allows up to 100m with battery charge
Will report panel loss in case of cut wires or loss of power
Encrypted communication (128-bit)
Dual tamper switch (wall and cover removal)
Compatible with EVO Series- Spectra SP Series- MG5000 and MG5050


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