FAAC 740 - 741

Automation and Control - Slide Gates - FAAC 740 - 741
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FAAC 740 - 741 sliding gate operator.
The 740-741 operators are ideal for residential sliding gates with max weight of 500kg (740) and 900kg (741).
A gearmotor with built in electronic equipment and securing plate automates both new and existing sliding gates.
The electronic equipment inside the gearmotor facilitates and speeds up installation at a lower cost.
The control board enclosure has a “rotation” facility which helps with electrical wiring.
Anti-crushing protection is ensured by a control board directly controlling drive torque.
For extra safety an efficient obstacle detector is available.
The control board is simply programmed via 3 push buttons making set up at installation an easy process.
An internal protection housing covers the control board preventing damage from insects and moisture.
As the gearmotor is non reversing, no electric locks need be installed.
In the event of a power failure, a release device protected by a customised key allows manual operation of the gatesce - Dvr kits.

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