Emme Esse Offset parabolic dishes 115

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Offset parabolic dishes
Fast mounting with U-bolt - Feed holder with premounted screws
Offset parabolic dishes realized by high precision forming which guarantees a constant production quality.
Dishes can be either in hot-galvanized steel sheet or in varnished aluminum sheet.
Dense paint finishing available in 3 colors: standard (white), dark grey, brick-like red.
All models supplied with fixed Az-El mount with zenith indicator.
For weak signals, for centralized systems or for multi-satellite installations dishes
85, 100, 115, 125 and 150 cm are recommended with their own accessories.

Diameter 115
Gain a 12 Ghz dB 41
Mast fixing mm 30-60
Lnb fixing mm 40
Max elevation deg 15-57