Automation and Control - Underground Operators - FAAC 750CP
FAAC 750cp manual
FAAC 750cp data sheet

FAAC 750 CP operator

The 750 CP for swing gates - utilises a load bearing foundation box - suitable for gates up to 3.5m leaf length with single-leaf max weight of 800kg.

Drive units are available at an opening angle of 100° and 180° and pumps with or without hydraulic locking.
The exclusive hydraulic device ensures maximum anti-crushing protection - featuring two highly sensitive by-pass valves.
In case of an emergency a key-protected release device makes it possible to operate the gate manually.
The CBAC version has hydraulic locking to hold the gates in a fixed open or closed position.
Reliability is assured under all atmospheric conditions and at extreme temperatures in the range - 40oC to +55oC.
The hydraulic device requires very little maintenance and is low on electrical power consumption.
Consists of a sturdy - compact - underground drive unit and a hydraulic pump unit mounted above ground inside the property.
All components are integrated in a hydraulic circuit providing continuous lubrication and cooling.

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