Automation and Control - On Gate Swing Automation - FAAC S418
FAAC s418 manual
FAAC s418 data sheet

FAAC S418 swing gate operator.
The S418 24v electro-mechanical operator is ideal for residential gates with single leaf length up to 2.7m (2.3m without electric lock).
The operator has a long stroke, 350mm as standard but 390mm without stops; this makes it more adaptable to various pillar dimensions.
With an adaptable rear bracket requiring no welding, allowing great flexibility in mounting to the gate pier.
There are in-built mechanical stops, so no need to install external stops.
A fast opening and closing speed - maximum of 1.8cm per second, an angular rotation speed of 4.9° per second.
This is the first unit of its type to come with a protective sheath over the worm screw for additional safety.
IP54 rated.

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