Dahua DHI-ARB1606

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Dahua DHI-ARB1606Dahua DHI-ARB1606
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Dahua DHI-ARB1606 Datasheet

Dahua Alarm Box DHI-ARB1606

  • Support through RS485 access to the back-end storage
  • Support 16ch Alarm In/6ch Alarm Out interface
  • Support 2-bit DIP switch (0/1) to determine the different alarm box access; Max support 4 alarm boxes having access to the back-end storage device
  • Support universal 12V power supply; Support using a separate adapter or through 1 to 2 power cable using the DVR adapter to supply the alarm box with power
  • The front panel has a power indicator (PWR) which maintains lightening when the device is powered up; The front panel has a signal communication indicator (ACT) which lights up every 1 second when the communication is established between the alarm box and DVR equipment.
  • Linked alarm can be configured on the alarm input and output interface when the communication is established between DVR device and the alarm box.
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