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Grabbing the attention of local shoppers online is key to getting them through your shop doors. Having the right type of information in your online business listing is essential to that process. Your online business listing could include any place (besides your own website) where you list your business’ information so customers and prospects can find you.

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A product catalog is a detailed list of the inventory of a store. This catalog contains all the data related to the products which include product images, descriptions, specifications, price etc. The product catalog data is viewed by customers before making a purchasing decision.The catalogue is an online library of product details and images provided by GBE Electronics that covers a wide range of categories. For More Information Please Contact Us Thank You

Ads Fields included: Product Title - Vendor Link - Manufacturer Link - Product EAN Code - Product Description - Similar Products Link - Products by category - Product Short Description - Product GTIN (UPC - EAN - ISBN) - Product Large Image (High Resolution) - Product Gallery Images (up to 16 Images) - Product Technical Specifications (Data Sheet)



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