Automation and Control - On Gate Swing Automation - FAAC S450
FAAC s450h manual
FAAC s450h data sheet

FAAC S450 Hydraulic gate operator.
The S450 is a 24v hydraulic swing gate operator for residential swing leaf gates with single leaf length up to 2m (CBAC) or 3m (SB).
Faster closing/opening speed (> 2.5 cm/s).
Integrated Bus encoder (FAAC patent) with anti-crushing safety with reverse on obstacle detection function.
Flexible and easy to install thanks to the multi-position adjustable brackets.
Effective stroke (> 300 mm).
Gate speed and force can be adjusted through the electronic control board.
No hydraulic locking SB version with tri-drive valves (FAAC patented) and easier manual leaf movement.
Integrated opening/closing mechanical stops included in the operator.

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