FAAC GBF1500-1600

Automation and Control - Door Operators - FAAC GBF1500-1600
FAAC gbf 1500 1600 data sheet

GBF1500-1600 balanced door operator.
The GBF1500 balanced door is characterised by its opening movement. with simultaneous rotation and retraction of the door leaves; this makes it particularly suitable in environments that do not allow installation of traditional horizontal sliding doors and that must still comply with regulations on anti-panic safety exits.
Automatic balanced door with integrated anti-panic system.
Suitable for environments that do not allow the installation of the traditional horizontal sliding doors.
Available in two versions: framed leaf or glass leaf.
Patented product.
In an emergency the hinged doors open wide laterally and immediately - freeing up the passageway as much as possible - automatically closing and resuming normal operation after an adjustable period of time.
Strong extruded aluminium - moving parts run on ball bearings and leaves are made of 10mm thick tempered glass.

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