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FAAC revolving doorFAAC revolving door
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FAAC revolving door data sheet

FAAC Automatic Revolving Doors

Revolving doors are ideal for maintaining a steady temperature - respecting the environment through low energy usage and providing an aesthetic entrance to any building. FAAC offer a range of revolving door types and designs to suit every application - environment and customer requirement.

Our revolving doors are manufactured as standard designs with a choice of 2 - 3 or 4 leaves and diameters from 1800mm to 5000mm. Additionally FAAC manufacturing doors can be designed to the customer's specification.

Rubber buffers and brush strip fitted to prevent fingers being trapped
Heel sensors and infra-red safety sensors stop door rotating when an obstacle is detected
Up to 6 spotlights can be flush mounted in the ceiling panels
Laminated glass used throughout - can be coloured - tinted or mirrored
Controlled by a noiseless servomotor incorporating an electronic adjustable braking system
Programmable microprocessor controls activators - safety devices and optional accessories - keeps a log of faults or errors for the service engineer and can be connected to external access control and fire protection systems
Adjustable door rotation speed and push button control panel available with 7 defined functions including continuous rotation - exit only and manual
Push button on door frame to slow door rotation for elderly and disabled users

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