Automation and Control - Door Operators - FAAC A100
FAAC a100c manual
FAAC a100c data sheet

A100 slim line sliding door operator

The A100 is a slimline electromechanical automatic door operator for single or double leaves.

Height 100mm x 150mm
Max weight: single panel 110kgs - double panel 70kgs + 70kgs
Modular extruded aluminium profile
Backup battery with 20 minutes continuous use in case of power failure
Programmable speed: opening & closing 5-70cm/sec (single panel) - 10-14cm/sec (double panel)
Pause time adjustment 0-30 sec
Electronic safety control
Designed for continuous operation 100% duty cycle
Controlled by SD keeper
Self-learning of maximum speed according to leaf weight and friction
Full range of safety and activation devices available


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