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FAAC 950nFAAC 950n
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FAAC 950n manual
FAAC 950n data sheet

950N swing door operator

The 950N is a new low voltage electro-mechanical operator for swing doors. It replaces the 950BM and 950BSM and is interchangable with both operators.

Can be installed either on the door lintel or on the door itself
An integrated spring works in harmony with the transmission arm opening and closing the door in near silent operation
Housing available in anodised extruded aluminium or shaped ABS with an innovative design
Compliant with new European safety standards - speed and force programmed according to the size of the door
Re-opens on obstacle detection - verifying obstacle clearance at slow speed on closing
Intelligent control assured by the 950 MPS control board and 950 I/O board - a microprocessor controls the doors activity in real time and an encoder detects its position with self-learning of open/closed positions
Operating logic selected via an integrated selector (automatic - manual - night - open) - additional functions include “PUSH and GO” and “ANTI-WIND” - opening - closing and pause times can also be adjusted
An Anti Vandal System function protects motor if leaf movement is forced
Manual operation can be used in the event of a power cut
Moves leaves weighing over 300kg on continuous duty and double-leaf entrances by interfacing the 2 units in a master/slave configuration - while maintaining absolute operational safety
Facility for: microwave radar - passive and active infrared sensor - command pushbuttons - photocells - electric locks - bolt - KP Controller programming unit - FAAC radio controls


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