Automation and Control - Automation Accessories - FAAC 748 MP


Power supply 230 V~ (+6% -10%) 50 (60) Hz
Absorbed powe 10 W
Motor maximum load 350W
Accessories output 24 Vdc 500 mA maxr
Operating ambient temperaturer -20°C +55°Cr
Three protection fuses 0.5 A accessories - 0.25 A logic 3.15 A electric motor

Programmable functions:
Four function logics A/E/S/AP
Torque control trimmer
Pause time control trimmer
Trimmer for time-out adjustment
Inputs signalling LED, limit-switch and alarm
Terminal board outputs
Flashing Lamp - motor - power supply for accessories
Terminal board inputs
Open, partial opening, stop, safety devices, limit-switch, obstacle
detection electronic sensor
Rapid connector for decoding cards or card receivers
Malfunctions self-resetting alarm signal


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