Yamaha P 2700

Music and Audio Systems - DJ Equipment - Power Amplifiers - Yamaha P 2700

Power output level
Stereo 8 ohms 350W + 350 W (2700) Stereo 4 ohms 500 W+ 500 W (P2700) (except Canadian model) Mono 8 ohms 1000 W (P2700) (except Canadian model)

Frequency response
Stereo @ 8 ohms, 1W. 10 Hz- 50 kHz. 0dB + 0.5, -1.5dB

Total harmonic distortion
Stereo 175 W (P2700) 20 Hz-20kHz

Intermodulation distortion
Stereo, 175W (P2700) 60 Hz:7kHz= 4.1.

Channel separation (Input level minimum)
175W (P2700) 1kHz @ 8 ohms. >/=80dB 175W (P2700) 20 Hz- 20 kHz @ 8 ohms >/= 70 dB

Damping factor
1kHz @ 8 ohms. > 100.

Input shorted @ 12.7kHz LPF. >/=100dB Input shorted @ IHF-A. >/= 110dB

Slew rate
Stereo 8 ohms full swing. +/- 40V/mms (P2700) Mono, 8 ohms, full swing. +/- 50 V/mms (P2700)

Input sensitivity
To produce 350W (P2700) into 8 ohms +4dB (1.23Vr.m.s.)

Maximum voltage gain
Input level maximum 32.5dB

Green signal LED. 4 OHMS, 1W. Red clip LED. Illuminates when output distortion exceeds approx 1%. Red protection LED> Illuminates during protection or muting circuit operation. Red pilot LED. Illuminates when power on.
Protection units
Muting. 6 sec (+/-2 sec after power on. DC sensing. DC +/- 2 V output voltage. PC limiter. RL

Cooling fan speed circuit
All temperatures refer to heat sink temperature. Low speed /= 70 deg. C.

Front panel controls
Power Switch-push-type. 31-detent input attenuators x 2.

Rear Panel Control
Stereo/Mono mode switch (except P2700 Canadian model).

Power requirements
General model. 220/240V AC 50/60 Hz. USA and Canadian models. 120V, 60 Hz.

Power consumption
General and USA models. 1000W Canadian models. 1000 W (1200 VA)

(Including feet) ( W x H x D). (depth behind front panel) 480 x 143.5 x 435.2 (mm) 18.9 x 5.6 x 17.1 (in). {400.2mm (15.75 in} (excluding feet) (W x H x D) {depth behind front panel } 480 x 132 x 435.2 (mm) 18.9 x 5.2 x 17.1 (in). {400.2 mm (15.75 in)}

24kg (53lbs)

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