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FAAC E145 manual
FAAC E145 data sheet

E145 Control Board
This new generation control board has been designed for 230v swing and sliding gates. Technological innovations provide the board with high energy efficiency - offering considerable economic savings. The E145 - combined with the new SAFEcoder absolute encoder - makes it easier to comply with the latest safety standards.
Safecoder - absolute encoder mounted on rear bracket of gate operator which monitors location of the operator
Programmed using the new EasyBoard software
More than 10 operating logics with customisable options to meet any customer requirement
Firmware can be updated with a USB drive and configuration (and radio codes saved for storing on a PC/MAC) - making it possible to avoid manual memorisation in case of board substitution and copy configurations from one installation to another
Energy efficient switching power supply guarantees high immunity to interferences in mains power
BUS 2Easy connector allows many accessories to be connected (e.g. up to 16 pairs of photocells) - which can be individually failsafe checked
An error code will be displayed indicating possible cause of any problems and is also stored in the events log which has a bigger memory than any other FAAC board
Can be inserted in existing housing of current FAAC boards and it is possible to re-use terminal strips without the need to re-wire
Can be retrofitted to existing 230v gate systems to assist in compliance to safety standard
Maglocks can be powered directly from the control board
Quicker reversal on obstacle detection
Based on Italian lab tests the E145 could reduce energy costs in standby by up to 88% when compared to competitor control boards.

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